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creative development from the Midcoast  

STL: (314) 600-5473 | IND: (317) 572-7083

The Able Few provides technology consulting in Ruby on Rails, Storm, and Elasticsearch and specializes in solving complex problems related to consuming, processing, and analyzing large sets of data.  

Spencer Markowski

Spencer Markowski Partner IND

Iouri Kostine

Iouri Kostine Partner STL

Michael Tomko

Michael Tomko Production Director STL

While we are always open to new types of adventure, perhaps we could partner with you on one or more of the following things?  

Technology Consulting

For the bulk of our customers we serve as their entire technology team on an on-going basis. We help design their products, architect complex solutions to their problems, and advocate on their behalf with other partners and vendors.

Custom Software

Whether you would like us to start a brand new project with you, or support your existing application, we consistently deliver products that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Elasticsearch Support

With great experience in wielding massive database clusters that contain billions of records (and counting), we can help you dramatically improve how you manage and utilize Elasticsearch for your own projects.

Businesses from early stage startups to publicly traded companies have turned to The Able few to help them solve their toughest challenges.   

A lot of what we do, at one time, seemed impossible. We do our best to give back where we can.   


Dead-simple chart rendering API for D3.js with self-discovering DOM elements.


An ActiveRecord-like query interface for Elasticsearch.

Gnip Rules

A quick and easy way to manage your rules via Gnip Rules API.

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